The Primal Professional

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I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Why are we talking about dress shoes on a website about running, fitness, and gadgets?”  Well, the reason is that I haven’t seen something hit so close to home in quite a long time.  In my line of work, I have to be professionally dressed every day of the week.  Until recently, that even included a tie!  As someone who prefers minimalist shoes, this means that I have to shove my feet into a pair of shoes that leave them far from good form and minimalism.  Enter the “The Primal Professional”, a shoe that not only caters to minimalists, but one that also takes into account style and durability.  They are designed to look like a dress shoe, but feel and fit like a minimalist shoe. They are zero drop, have no arch support, sport a thinner sole, and have plenty of room for your toes to splay out.

We at the TR Crew came across this work of art while running through the posts over at (“a fan site all about Vibram FiveFingers, Minimalist & Barefoot Running, and Healthy Living!”) and the first thing that came to mind was, “Where can I get them, and how much do they cost?”  Unfortunately, the Primal Professional has stopped taking pre-orders and is no longer taking donations.  However, from the looks of their Facebook Page, it seems they have begun production of some sort.  As for cost, they do come in a bit steep (around $300 a pair), but for a good pair of dress shoes, as with running shoes, this is a price many people (including myself) are willing to pay.

Primal Professional Shoe

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The Primal Professional…

  • is a shoe with dressy looks and barefoot comfort.
  • has no heel, no arch, no thick sole, no narrow tip. It just looks like it does.
  • is completely made in the USA, ethically and sustainably.
  • is assembled by a shoemaker known for quality and durability.
  • is completely risk-free. Request a full refund at any time before we ship. If you’re not fully satisfied, we have a 30-day, 105% money-back guarantee.