Jan 172014
Advocare 24 Day Challenge: Before We Begin

I’ve written a few times on this blog about my struggles with weight gain/loss. A few years ago, over the course of about 2 years, I gained a significant amount of weight. Before our wedding, I managed to lose about 25 pounds of it by counting calories and running and was very happy with my progress. That said, because I have hypothyroidism (and despite taking medicine to bring my thyroid hormones up to normal levels), losing weight is a very [...]

The Sprinter vs. the Marathoner

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Jan 152014
The Sprinter vs. the Marathoner

While perusing the internet over the weekend, I stumbled upon a YouTube video explaining the differences between the sprinter and the marathoner.  The video shared the differences between fast and slow twitch muscles while also explaining the way these differences affect your physical appearance and performance. As soon as the video came to an end, my head went straight to the most recent Summer Olympics where athletes of all shapes and sizes competed.  The immediate faces that came to mind [...]

Run To The Sales

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Nov 282013
Run To The Sales

It’s that time of year again and the sales are back on everything from TVs to turkeys.  For all of you who are getting ready to run out at 8PM on Thanksgiving night or if you are going to pick up some of the sweet deals before Christmas, be sure to check out this list.  We will be updating this from now to Christmas to keep everyone up to date regarding upcoming sales on running related items.  If you know [...]

Oct 212013
Running Movie of the Week: Forrest Gump

One of my favorite pastimes is watching movies. So, now that my racing season is over until the spring and the temperatures are starting to drop outside, I decided it would be a good time to enjoy some inspirational running movies and share my picks with you! I’ve already seen some of the movies I’ll share, but others I’ll be watching for the first time (recommendations are welcome!). To kick things off, I’ve chosen one of my favorite movies, Forrest [...]

The Day After the Marathon

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Oct 112013
The Day After the Marathon

We did it!  Meagan and I both completed our first marathons this past Sunday, and since then, we’ve been trying to heal up by staying off our feet, rolling out the sore spots with a foam roller and The Stick, and wearing our recovery socks as much as possible.  For anyone who has completed a marathon (or other particularly difficult race/run), or for those minimalist runners out there who have experienced “calfocalypse” after going for their first big run in [...]

Altra 2014 Line-up

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Oct 042013
Altra 2014 Line-up

About two years ago, this site was launched with little intention of having anyone outside of our family and close friends read it.  Little did we know that our little site would manage to pick up so much steam, giving us the ability to review products from so many different amazing companies.  Aside from our own growth, we’ve been able to watch several companies go from a garage to an office, and from bankrupt to highly profitable, plus we’ve seen [...]


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