May 302012

If you want to be successful in anything, it’s essential to set goals. Whether you seek a higher education, better career, improved health or enhanced existence, the steps to triumph are the same. S.M.A.R.T. goal setting is highly recommended for any of these objectives.

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Running Away from Carbs

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May 112012

So, what’s the difference between burning a piece of paper and burning a candlestick?

I’m about to tell you something that, most likely, is completely contrary to everything you’ve ever been told about the ideal diet for runners. Ready? I hope you’re sitting down. (Of course you are! You just got back from a long, hard run.)

Carbohydrates are probably not the best thing to eat. In fact, runner or not, they might be downright bad for you. We’re told as runners that we need to eat lots of carbs, make sure you carb-load before races, blah, blah blah. It’s such conventional wisdom! A college classmate and good friend of mine is a marathoner that avoids carbs like the plague, and I never understood how she managed until very recently. This may seem like anecdotal evidence, but I’ll give you the science soon – I swear.

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Self High-Five

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May 092012

I would like to begin by apologizing to my friends and family for writing a post that even mentions Diamond Dallas Page.  Although I am no longer a professional wrestling fan, I was once a fan of “The Undertaker” and from what I read, there seems to be some sort of rivalry between the two.  That said, for those of you who never watched pro wrestling, Diamond Dallas Page (DDP for short) is a complete and utter goofball.  This is demonstrated well by his theme song, which starts with DDP saying “self high-five”, followed by a remixed version of Nirvana’s song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.  Anyway, somewhere down the line DDP decided he wanted to become a yoga instructor.  DDP Yoga is what Diamond credits as the reason he has been able to survive in the ring for 15 years. Regardless of whether or not this is true, one man found the words of DDP to be inspiring.  His name is Arthur Boorman and this is the inspirational story/video of his transformation courtesy of DDP Yoga. I wanted to post this on our site because it is a great reminder to always keep pushing!

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Mar 222012

A couple exciting things have come down the tubes from Fitbit this week. The most recent, announced today, is for all you Android users out there. The (long-awaited) Fitbit app for Android is now available (for free) here. For all intents and purposes, it looks like this app offers the same features and functions as the iOS version, which, for me, has been easy to use and is one of the better-made fitness-tracking apps I’ve come across. Note that having the app does not mean that you will be able to sync your Fitbit to your phone. You will still have to use the base station attached to a computer to upload/download information to/from your Fitbit, but any info that you do upload will be instantly sent to the app as well as to your account on their website. Continue reading »

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This is Why We Run

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Mar 062012

Anyone who knows me in the real world will tell you that I rarely hold back in regards to my diet and, for the most part, I still eat what I want.  I am lucky to have an average frame, a decent metabolism, and no major health problems contributing to weight problems. That being said, my recent 25lb weight loss was not by accident, nor was it some kind of magical occurrence.  Although I did cut back on calories, I wouldn’t attribute my weight loss to “dieting” in the traditional sense of the word, because other than switching to diet soda, I made little sacrifice in terms of the types or sometimes even the amount of food I was eating.  Running has proven to be the best solution for me.  Who wouldn’t want to be able to eat cake and still lose weight?  That’s not to say that you should drive to Pizza Hut, eat an entire large pizza, and then just run it off (which would take roughly 14 miles, and would probably result in you losing that pizza partway through said run).  I also recognize that many people are trying to shed much more than the 25 pound goal I started with and that being aware of what you eat is an important part of a weight loss program.  However, the occasional night of pizza and beer is not going to derail your weight loss progress, and I am a firm believer that, within reason, we should feel free to indulge our cravings.
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Jan 202012


For those of you unfamiliar with CES (Consumer Electronics Show), I’ll start by saying that it is the world’s largest consumer technology trade-show featuring over 2500 exhibitors (and if any reader out there wants to give me a ticket for 2013, I would be very appreciative).  The 2012 event wrapped up on January 13th and the show brought some exciting new innovations into the limelight. There are a few  items from the health and fitness genre that we felt deserved our attention.

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Basis: The HRM Without a Chest Strap

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Jan 152012

Basis Heart Rate WatchThanks to our friends over on Pinterest, we came across one of the coolest upcoming fitness products we have seen, and a new entry into the 24-hour fitness-tracking arena, the Basis heart monitor.  Basis is able to record calories burned and sleep habits by using a 3D accelerometer, a heart rate monitor, and both temperature and galvanic skin response (yeah, I totally had to look that one up) sensors.  These sensors, along with the heart rate monitor in the band, remove the need for a chest strap and increase the accuracy of calories burned.
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