Nov 212012
Cold Weather Running

Week 2 + 3 Stats:

Total Miles: 10

Total time: 1:47:10

Avg Pace: 10:43

New Gear:

Warm stuff


Due to a bout of food poisoning from my local Panera (bagels only from now on), and a mini vacation to Chicago, I didn’t get out as much as I would have liked the past couple weeks. That said, here are the results of my changes from my last post: Continue reading »

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Nov 052012

Hello! In case you missed it, my name is Jason. This series is covering my transformation from a no one, to a no one who runs marathons. Here are the results from my first week of training.

Haunted Hustle 10K Middleton, WI

Major change this week- no more ‘stache.

Week 1 Stats:

  • Total Miles: 4
  • Sessions: 2
  • Total time: 41:35
  • Avg. Pace:  10:24

Changes in gear:

  • Added smartphone + arm band for music listening

I haven’t run since my race in mid October, and I hadn’t run before that for about a week and a half, so I’ll put this in the books as my baseline stats. Due to some other seemingly more enjoyable activities, I only got out to run twice (more on this below) this past week. My only real concern is some calf/shin pain that I’ve dealt with for quite some time, which I believe is due to lack of running form, or ill fitting shoes, or most likely both. Continue reading »

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Oct 292012

Hello, my name is Jason. I am not a runner. I am running a marathon in 12/2013.

Here are my stats-

Height: 5′ 11″

Weight: 193

Physique: Dumpy, at best.

Style: Whatever causes shin splints and calf cramps.

Diet: High carb, high fat, high sugar rush

Longest Distance: 6.21 miles Continue reading »

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Making an Ultrarunner

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Sep 212012

“Maybe not thriving…but surviving.”  That was the best Facebook status I could come up with after my first venture into ultramarathon running.  Back in May, I had trained for the Madison Marathon with team DetermiNation, and after the race, my friend and teammate Meghan Ross mentioned that she was interested in running an ultra.  Because I was on a post-marathon high, and felt I had a decent foundation after training for the marathon, I eagerly said I would train for it, as well.  She told me she planned on training for the North Face Endurance Challenge near Madison, and I asked her what the distance was.  When she said 50, I said, “50k?” and was met with the response, “No…50 miles.”  Despite my doubts about being able to complete such a long race, I agreed to start training…how much worse could 50 miles be than running a marathon?  And how different could trails possibly be than roads?  Thus began my extensive education. Continue reading »

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Sep 052012

The “bacon strip”, also known as NW 16th Ave in Gainesville, FL. Yes, those are all hills into the distance.

I despise running hills. Not all hills, the gently inclining ones don’t bother me, and of course, going down a hill is no problem, but I hate those steep, evil looking ones that you can see from a mile away that you know are going to suck all hope and happiness from your legs and mind.  And, you may be thinking, Ashley, you live in Gainesville, FL; there aren’t any hills in the entire state!  Wrong.  I live at the top of a stretch of road lovingly called “the bacon strip” for its many unavoidable ridges and valleys.  My arch-enemy is the hill that leads up to my apartment complex.  It is steep, a good 20 degrees (ok, I may be exaggerating) and it is long, about .4 mile (this I have measured), and it kicks my butt every time.  So, it’s time for me to fight back and let you in on how to do it.  After a bit of research, I’ve assembled some tricks and tools to destroying the hills without losing your composure, and I’ve provided some training tips on using hills to make you a better and stronger runner. Continue reading »

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Keep Your Training on Track!

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Aug 082012
resources calendar circled

You know the excuses: “I’m too tired”, “My stomach hurts”, “It’s too early”, “I just don’t want to run today”, and the one I use the most: “It’s too hot!”.  Sticking to a training plan can be hard, it requires an equal balance of motivation, reward, sacrifice, and fun; your whole schedule changes, you don’t get to see your friends as much, and you don’t get to eat ice cream everyday.  Often the pressure of sticking to a training plan alone causes doubts and excuses.  As many runners (including me!) begin hitting the streets for fall race season, I want to share some of my tricks and tips to staying on track with training.

Continue reading »

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Run Fast to Get Faster

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Jul 102012

“I’m not a real runner, I’m way too slow.” Does that sound familiar?  For the first few months after I’d taken up running, I was convinced that my 2-3 mile jaunts at a ten to twelve minute a mile pace were way too snail-like to lump me in to the category of runners who were “real”.

As if, somehow, being able run seven or eight minute miles elevated runners to an elite echelon that I just wasn’t a party to, despite my blisters, sore muscles, and marathon aspirations. Continue reading »

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