2012 All Stars

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Dec 242012

The year is nearing its end and after getting 15 inches of snow in a 24 hour period, the TR Crew is gearing up for another Wisconsin winter. More than that, the world didn’t come to an end on Friday. So, we wanted to make sure we took a moment to share with you some of our favorite products from the year, offer some last minute ideas for the holidays (for those of you who didn’t do your Christmas shopping, yet, because of the impending apocalypse), and give shout outs to some of the other great gear, apps, etc. we’ve gotten to test out. Enjoy! Continue reading »

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Nike Plus SportWatch GPS Review

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Oct 012012
Nike SportWatch02

Before I begin to bury everyone in stories and specifications of the Nike Plus SportWatch, I want to explain my decision to try out a Nike HRM/GPS watch rather than a more popular Garmin Forerunner or Polar.  Anyone who knows me would be able to explain my passion for electronics and my obsession with reading product reviews, along with doing tons of research on a product before making a purchase. With that said, you can understand the trouble I had when choosing a product that meshes two of my favorite things, technology and running.  This decision can be explained by one important word: ecosystem.  Apple has it, Google has it, Amazon has it, and Nike has it.  Other watch/fitness competitors are trying to build similar communities for the fitness world but, unfortunately, no one has it quite like Nike.  The recent Nike Plus website rebuild is one of the best examples of a company realizing a major flaw in a major market and turning it into something that could ultimately become Nike’s biggest selling point.  From what I have seen, no competitor has a similar community to Nike Plus and with as many miles as I have logged on their website, I wouldn’t dare leaving it without something amazing on the other end.

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Nike: Find Your Greatness

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Jul 312012

I have to admit that Nike has been hitting it out of the park with their recent advertising campaigns. For me, it started with the very cute “I Would Run to You” ad for the new Nike Frees. They have caught my attention again, though, with their “Find Your Greatness” campaign, specifically the new ad featuring a young, overweight jogger making his way slowly, but surely, down a deserted, country road. And yes, you read that right–I did say an overweight jogger in a Nike ad. So refreshing when you consider the usual bodies we see in fitness ads, which, for most, are unattainable, and likely discouraging, ideals. The ad, included after the jump, is remarkably simple, but has a very powerful message. It stars Nathan, a 12-year-old boy from London, Ohio, and, as the title suggests, emphasizes that there is greatness in all of us. Continue reading »

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Nike+ GPS Goes Running

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Jun 272012

For those of you who have been following us for a while, you know Meagan and I both are long time Nike+ users and have been following the system since its beginning. Meagan has compared the Nike+ GPS app to the Nike+ iPhone sensor app, and covered the release of the Nike+ FuelBand, while I have covered Nike’s updates and major software  announcements.  You can imagine our excitement, then, when we saw the recent update to Nike+ GPS waiting for us in the app store last week.

Nike has finally delivered on their promise to update their deteriorating Nike+ system, and we’re here to tell you about the many changes to both the app and website.  This year, we will remember June 21st not only as the summer solstice, but also the day that Nike delivered a stellar product to the masses (including the masses of Android users who are finally able to use Nike+ on their phones!).  The release of version 4.0 of the Nike+ GPS app is an exciting, and very much needed, update to everything Nike+, and it all starts with its new name: “Nike+ Running”.

Application pictures after the break!

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Apr 132012

Thanks to my mother, it was brought to my attention that a new commercial for minimalist (or “minimalish” depending on your opinion of the Nike Free) shoes has been released.  It is actually surprising to me that Nike has been so quiet in regard to its advertising of the Frees, considering I have seen them nearly everywhere.  Frankly, I am not a huge fan of the shoe but this commercial really struck a chord with me.  I continue to get excited every time I see a commercial for the minimalist community. Continue reading »

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Nike Announcement: The Nike+ Relaunch

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Feb 222012

So, is it just me or does Nike have some sort of announcement quota they are trying to hit?  Whatever the case, they are definitely doing a good job sparking my interest.  Just to bring you up to date since September 2011 (when they sent out their apology letter, which I attached below) Nike has updated the Nike+ app for iPhone to version 3.3, which introduced Facebook Timeline integration and route posting (12/21/2011), they announced the Nike+ Fuelband (01/19/2012), updated the entire Nike+ infrastructure (02/2012), announced their new material “Flyknit” (02/21/2012), and tonight (02/22/2012), they have announced some of the major changes coming in the “relaunch of Nike+ running”.

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Is Nike Going Full-Minimalist?

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Feb 212012

It looks like one of the wishes on my “Minimalist Wish-List” might be coming true. Today, Nike announced their newest technology, Flyknit, and the associated shoe, the Nike Flyknit Racer. I am intrigued by the video for this shoe, as it seems to suggest that the Flyknit Racer will be a minimalist shoe. The video begins by showing the bare footprints of the runner, and then slowly “builds” the person’s foot, clearly showing their midfoot form. The shoe is then constructed around the foot, allowing the runner to maintain the mid foot form. So, what does this all mean? Is Nike going minimalist? Beyond a few photos and the video included below, they haven’t released too much information, yet, about what exactly this shoe is meant for or details about its construction. Here’s what we think we know or have seen so far: Continue reading »

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