New Balance Minimus Zero Review

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Feb 062013
New Balance Minimus Zero 8

Brand: New Balance

Name: Minimus Zero

Color Options: Women’s – Teal w/ Black, Fluorescent Yellow, Black w/ Sky Blue, White w/ Silver & Berry, Silver w/ Yellow; Men’s – White w/ Blue & Yellow, Blue w/ Silver, Juniper (Green) w/ Yellow, Red w/ Black

Weight: Women’s – 4.4 oz; Men’s – 6.4 oz

Drop: 0 mm

Other: Odor resistant, welded seams to prevent chafing, deconstructed REVlite midsole provides flexibility and lightweight cushioning, lightweight blown rubber enhances bounce

Price: $109.99 (some colorways on sale for $89.99)

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New Balance Minimus Commercial

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Mar 202012

Over the weekend, while Meagan and I were enjoying our normal Saturday morning TV show marathon on Hulu, we came across a gem of a commercial from New Balance.  We were thrilled to see the first (at least the first we’ve seen) minimalist shoe commercial to finally hit the air.  It is great to see that New Balance is putting so much focus on this project considering they are one of the most mainstream players in the minimalist/barefoot shoe market and have the power to bring the knowledge of minimalist runners to the forefront of the sport of running (no, I am not including “minimalish” shoes like the Nike Free).

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New Balance Minimus WT 20 Review

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Feb 282012
Screen Shot 2012-02-20 at 3.16.49 PM

Brand: New Balance

Name: Minimus Trail

Color Options: Orange/beige, Gray/gray, Black/periwinkle, black/pink, different beige/orange, black/gray, black/teal, blue/white, black/yellow/bright blue

Weight: 5.5oz, probably dependent upon shoe size.

Drop: 4mm from heel to toe.

Other: Comes in WT10 or WT20. The WT20 has a slightly modified upper and less of a “toe spring”. Comes sporting a sole by Vibram.

Price: $99.99

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The Princess and the 4 mm Drop

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Feb 022012

Now there's a zero-drop shoe! Image courtesy of

“Heel-toe drop” is a phrase thrown around a lot by minimalist shoe fans and manufacturers. It is defined as the height differential between the thickness of the sole of a shoe under the heel relative to the toe (typically reported in mm). For example, if the sole of a running shoe is 30 mm thick at the heel, and 20 mm thick at the toe, the shoe has a 10 mm drop. On average, traditional running shoes have heel-toe drops of around 12 mm, with larger amounts of fancy padding to offset the effects of heel-striking usually leading to even higher differentials. Minimalist shoes, on the other hand, have much lower, or, preferably, non-existent heel-toe drops (AKA zero-drop). This makes sense, because if you’re trying to mimic the “barefoot experience”, your foot has no natural heel-toe drop, so neither should your shoes! That being said, heel-toe drops of minimalist shoes typically range from 0 mm (e.g., Vibram FiveFingers, Merrell Barefoot, VIVOBAREFOOT) to 4 mm (e.g., New Balance Minimus, Skechers GORun, Brooks PureProject). Continue reading »

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Sketchy Skechers

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Dec 272011

When I was finishing up some last-minute Christmas shopping last week, I was surprised to come across the advertisement featured on the right. It seems that the increased attention and interest being paid to the minimalist running movement has prompted even Skechers to come out with their own version of a minimalist shoe: the Skechers GORun. The shoe appears, at first glance, to be very similar to the Nike Free, which was a disappointment to some minimalist fans because of its heel-toe drop of up to 7.2 mm (in the Free Run), its relatively thick sole, and the presence of a significant amount of arch support. However, unlike the Nike Free, the Skechers GORun has a lower heel-toe drop of 4 mm, meant to encourage a more natural stride, and are significantly lighter-weight, so maybe Skechers is taking its cues from the more minimal New Balance Minimus line. That being said, the shoes do appear to have a rather thick sole compared to some of their minimalist counterparts, but I have yet to see the shoe in person, so this may be an illusion created by extending the rubber of the sole up the side of the shoe for style purposes. Continue reading »

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Staying Warm and Staying Minimal

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Dec 182011

For those of you who run in Vibram FiveFingers, and, like Meagan and I, are going to attempt to brave the great outdoors this winter by continuing to run outside, this post is for you!

Yesterday was a bit of a reality check for both Meagan and I when we headed to Milwaukee to lock down a DJ for our wedding. We found, to our surprise, when we pulled out of the underground parking garage of our apartment complex, that we had finally received some snow!  I didn’t think much of it at first, but as we pulled up to the gas station, I shivered because I realized I was wearing my Vibram FiveFinger Speeds and knew that my toes were going to be soaked in an instant.  The second I stepped out of the car, the wet pavement took over my helpless shoes.  I knew at that moment that we were going to need something more substantial (but still minimal) to run in during the treacherous winter months of Wisconsin.

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