The Sprinter vs. the Marathoner

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Jan 152014
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While perusing the internet over the weekend, I stumbled upon a YouTube video explaining the differences between the sprinter and the marathoner.  The video shared the differences between fast and slow twitch muscles while also explaining the way these differences affect your physical appearance and performance. As soon as the video came to an end, my head went straight to the most recent Summer Olympics where athletes of all shapes and sizes competed.  The immediate faces that came to mind were those of Usain Bolt and Mo Farah of Jamaica and London, respectively.  Even though both individuals participated in track and field races, they have very different physical appearances. Continue reading »

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The Day After the Marathon

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Oct 112013
Day After The Marathon

We did it!  Meagan and I both completed our first marathons this past Sunday, and since then, we’ve been trying to heal up by staying off our feet, rolling out the sore spots with a foam roller and The Stick, and wearing our recovery socks as much as possible.  For anyone who has completed a marathon (or other particularly difficult race/run), or for those minimalist runners out there who have experienced “calfocalypse” after going for their first big run in minimalist shoes, you can easily relate to the pain and discomfort that can accompany just general walking (or even just moving from sitting to standing and vice versa).

I felt that after Meagan’s recent post about marathon thoughts (which was posted two days before the big event), we should share a video that exhibits the “after thoughts”.  This one is actually an ad from April 2007 by the health food company Flora, who was the lead sponsor of the London Marathon that year. Continue reading »

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Oct 022013

As most long distance runners will tell you, running is just as much about mental toughness as it is about physical toughness. We’re now four days out from running our first marathon and, at this point, it feels like it’s all about the mental game. I’m confident in all of the training I’ve done, and my longest run of 21 miles (which took place a couple of weeks ago) felt pretty good. So, as we wrap up our tapering, my focus has been not so much on running, but on trying to keep a positive outlook and working on strategies to stay positive during the race in preparation for hurdles such as hitting the wall. The following video is a funny look into the mind of a marathoner during the course of 26.2 miles of running. It gave me a good laugh, and definitely made me feel like I’m not alone in having an almost constant internal dialogue going with myself when I’m running. Enjoy! Continue reading »

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Featured Runner: Kim Virden

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Apr 232013
Christmas card_1

My name is Kim Virden and “I’m a Runner.” I think I was born a natural athlete. I’ve been in sports since I was in kindergarten, and competed on my first swim team at age 5.  I was always doing some type of sport… if I wasn’t swimming, playing tennis, or downhill skiing, I was out fishing. I’ve always been drawn to sports – even after a bad skiing accident that left me with a traumatic brain injury and epilepsy at the age of seventeen. Continue reading »

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Feb 152013

Running is, at it’s core, a solo, and some might even say selfish, sport. Most of the time when you go for a run, you are running for yourself. You want to beat your best time, you like to run alone, you are trying to get more fit, you want to see how far you can go–the list of “just you” reasons to run goes on and on. That said, in my experience, runners are one of the most supportive groups of people you’ll ever meet. In every race I’ve been in, there has been at least one person who has encouraged me to push harder and to keep going. I even teamed up with a fellow racer for support to make it through the final 2.5 miles of our half-marathon. And, speaking of races, charity and races go hand-in-hand these days. There’s a charity run for pretty much everything–from supporting your local zoo, to finding a cure for cancer, to raising awareness for conditions like autism–and charity runners (runners who collect pledges for a specific cause) raise impressive amounts of money by completing races all over the country. Of course, there is always a select group of people who will go the extra mile (in this case, quite literally). Here are five exceptional people who, sometimes against all odds, ran for their cause: Continue reading »

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Nov 052012

Hello! In case you missed it, my name is Jason. This series is covering my transformation from a no one, to a no one who runs marathons. Here are the results from my first week of training.

Haunted Hustle 10K Middleton, WI

Major change this week- no more ‘stache.

Week 1 Stats:

  • Total Miles: 4
  • Sessions: 2
  • Total time: 41:35
  • Avg. Pace:  10:24

Changes in gear:

  • Added smartphone + arm band for music listening

I haven’t run since my race in mid October, and I hadn’t run before that for about a week and a half, so I’ll put this in the books as my baseline stats. Due to some other seemingly more enjoyable activities, I only got out to run twice (more on this below) this past week. My only real concern is some calf/shin pain that I’ve dealt with for quite some time, which I believe is due to lack of running form, or ill fitting shoes, or most likely both. Continue reading »

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Oct 292012

Hello, my name is Jason. I am not a runner. I am running a marathon in 12/2013.

Here are my stats-

Height: 5′ 11″

Weight: 193

Physique: Dumpy, at best.

Style: Whatever causes shin splints and calf cramps.

Diet: High carb, high fat, high sugar rush

Longest Distance: 6.21 miles Continue reading »

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