Zombies, Run!

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Jan 032012

Screenshot of logo courtesy of www.zombiesrungame.com.

Today, I came across one of the coolest motivational tools I have ever seen for runners (or walkers), and I’m super excited to share it with you, readers! What is this super-awesome new tool, you say?  Well, let me introduce you to Zombies, Run!, “an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android” created by London-based company Six to Start and writer Naomi Alderman. Like other running apps, Zombies Run! will provide you with your distance, time, pace, and calories burned for each of your runs, as well as allow you to play your own music. Unlike other running apps, though, Zombies, Run! actually gives you a reason to run in the form of a zombie apocalypse story.

In the game, you are Runner 5, one of the survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Each of your runs will be treated as a mission, and, as you run, you will get updates and orders through your headphones that will lead you through the storyline of the game. Continue reading »

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Dec 212011

Picture of the new feature to be added to Facebook's Timeline. (Courtesy of Facebook.com)

Just wanted to write a quick post about the recent update to Nike+.  If you haven’t already seen our Nike+ review, please check it out.

The update for the Nike+ application to version 3.3 went live on December 19th and, to our surprise and delight, it offers some exciting new features.  The updates are as follows:

★ Updates to improve compatibility and performance. We’ve integrated Tweet Sheet to make sharing on Twitter even easier.
★ Now you can choose to link to your route map or run curve when you share your run on Facebook.
★ Indoor/Treadmill runs can now run in the background on iOS 5. We’ve updated our engine to further enhance GPS and Accelerometer accuracy.
★ Fixed large game of Tag issues and general bug fixes.

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Nike + iPod vs. Nike+ GPS

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Dec 162011

[UPDATE]: To view the most recent Nike+ GPS (now Nike+ Running) app features, check out our post that includes our thoughts on the update and in-app photos! Note that many of the differences between the sensor system and the GPS-based app remain the same as those described in this post. Now there’s just even more features included with the GPS app that continue to make it the better value!

Nike+ is one of several popular run-tracking applications currently on the market, and is the first motivating tool I used to get myself started, and excited, about running. Initially, I used the Nike + iPod sensor (with my iPhone 4 and a pair of Nike running shoes with a built-in spot for the sensor), but I am currently using the Nike+ GPS application. In this post, I’m going to present a summary and comparison of the two Nike+ options, as well as an explanation as to why I ultimately chose to use Nike+ GPS. For a quick overview of the features offered by each application, see the included chart near the end of the post.

Nike + iPod Sensor

What You’ll Need: The Nike + iPod sensor is priced at $19 and is compatible with the iPod Touch (4th generation or later) and the iPhone (3GS or later). If you have an older iPod nano, you will need the Nike + iPod Sport Kit ($29), which includes a wireless receiver to connect the sensor to the iPod. The new iPod nano, the iPod Touch and iPhone are able to connect wirelessly to the Nike+ sensor without this additional attachment. The sensor, which is about the size of a (rather thick) quarter, fits into a small pocket beneath the liner of any Nike+-compatible shoe and tracks your distance traveled and your pace using an accelerometer. I’m told that you can also buy a small pouch that can be attached to the shoelaces of any running shoe, so there are options that allow you to skip the cost of acquiring a pair of Nike running shoes.

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Does Withings Weigh Up?

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Dec 062011

The WiFi BodyScale by Withings is available from their website and the Apple Store for $159.

The short answer is yes, it does! However, I’d now like to give you a more in-depth explanation as to why the WiFi Body Scale by Withings is an investment every health conscious person should consider. We landed on this scale after shopping both in stores and online, and quickly realizing that scales, frankly, suck!  The only scale we found that was able to provide all of the data we wanted, in the way we wanted, was the WiFi Body Scale by Withings.  After much debating on whether or not spending $159 on a scale would actually be worth it, we went to the Apple Store, grabbed the Apple-esque packaged item off the shelf, and returned home.  As we mentioned in our Christmas gift post, this would make a great Christmas present!


Being that I am a fan of Apple products, I tend to appreciate simplicity and recognize the importance of aesthetics when it comes to packaging, set-up, and the product itself.  It appears that Withings has taken a leaf out of Apple’s book by presenting this scale to the customer using quality packaging, quality materials, and making it relatively easy to use.  The packaging is adorned with a beautiful picture of the WiFi scale and nothing else. Clearly Withings is confident enough about the quality of their product, that they are comfortable letting it speak for itself.  After pulling off the plastic wrap on the box, and the two small pieces of circle tape near the flaps, the box continues to follow Apple’s fashion by immediately greeting you with the front of the shiny new scale.  Installation is as follows:

  1. Create Withings’ account
  2. Click install scale (this queues a downloader)
  3. Connect scale
  4. Configure WiFi connection
  5. Put on a flat spot

That’s it!  The only thing left to do is weigh yourself. Continue reading »

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