“Bare” Feet on the Red Carpet

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Feb 272013

At last year’s Academy Awards, Shailene Woodley caused a stir by wearing her black Vibram FiveFingers Classics (RIP) to an after party. Many people were shocked that she would ditch her designer heels and choose the comfort (and, yes, odd looks) of a barefoot-feel shoe, but we at Technically Running said, “More power to her!” Heels and traditional men’s dress shoes are some of the worst culprits when it comes to squishing and bending your feet into unnatural positions (and even women’s flats can squish your toes), so the more celebrities we can get choosing healthy footwear, the better.

This year, at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party, funny man Jim Carrey made people stare with shoes made to look like giant bare feet. Continue reading »

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Aug 232012

Brand: Invisible Shoes (now Xero Shoes)

Name: Connect

Color Options: Black sole with black, brown, royal blue, forest green, royal purple, red, lime green, pink, or white laces

Weight: 3.7 oz for a men’s size 9

Drop: 0 mm

Other: 4-mm thick sole; FeelTrue rubber outsoles; nylon/polypropylene laces; kits come with a hole punch for creating the toe hole for lacing; also available in the 6-mm Contact

Price: $30 for the Connect Kit ($25 on sale); $50 for the Connect custom-made sandals ($40 on sale)

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Aug 062012
Compression Sleeve_Sock

For those of you who have only recently begun to read our posts, you may be asking yourself “what the heck is a calf-ocalypse?”  Calf-ocalypse is a term Meagan and I coined after our first foray into minimalist running.  I won’t go into vivid detail (check out Chapter 2 of our Vibram Transition series if you are interested) but the pain, stiffness, and discomfort  in your calves after running barefoot/minimalist for the first time (and overdoing it) can be so unbearable that you’d almost prefer not to have legs at all.   With that said, Meagan and I have continued to try to find solutions in order to relieve, recover from, or even eliminate calf distress by using foam rollers, heat pads, The Stick, and just good old fashion massage.  More recently, our friends at Berkeley Running Company in Madison, WI introduced us to compression sleeves, compression socks, and recovery socks.  Pictured to the right is a Sigvaris Compression Sock (in black), and a Sigvaris Compression Sleeve (in orange), both of which have proven well in the battle against the calf-ocalpyse (review to come).

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Barefoot Running, The Movie

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Jun 292012

After seeing the following video bouncing around my Facebook feed the past few days, I finally got down to watching it last night. It is a trailer for the upcoming DVD, Barefoot Running, the Movie, and what a beautiful trailer it is! While I’m a little sad that this is not a documentary on barefoot running as I initially thought, it looks like it will serve as a fantastic introduction to and instructional video on barefoot running! Just seeing the trailer makes me want to kick off my shoes and try running bare.

More information on what will be covered in the DVD, and where to pre-order it, after the jump! Continue reading »

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Married in a Minimalist Style

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Jun 112012

We’re back!  After two weeks of wedding preparation, our wedding, and our honeymoon, Meagan and Steve are finally back and ready to post.  Before we get into all of the things we missed while we were gone, we’d like to fill everyone in on how we celebrated our marriage and how the last two weeks have been influenced by our love for minimalist shoes.  As you can tell by the picture on the right, for our wedding, I went with one of my favorite pairs of shoes and rocked the Vibram FiveFingers Speeds, while Meagan found a pair of Merrell Barefoot Life Wonder Gloves that matched perfectly with her dress.  The event took place in our current hometown of Madison, WI, where the ceremony was in the Frank Lloyd Wright Unitarian Meeting House and the reception was held in the Overture Center for the Arts.  The following photos were taken by our fantastic photographers from Amelia John, Jennifer & Andrew.  The night went off without a hitch (or with a hitch, ha…ha….ha…) and we were able to sneak some of our own minimalist surprises into the event.

More pictures after the jump!

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Walk This Way

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Apr 242012

To heel strike or not to heel strike? That is the question. At least, it is if we’re talking about walking in minimalist shoes. When it comes to the minimalist footwear/barefoot movement, people are constantly emphasizing the importance of running with proper form, but no one ever talks about what happens when you walk. In barefoot/minimalist running, it’s all about maintaining a forefoot/midfoot (FF/MF) strike, which allows your body to naturally adjust to and mediate the shock of each footfall. But does the same principle apply to walking, or is it based on something else entirely? Continue reading »

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The Vibram Transition: Chapter 5

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Mar 092012

It’s been a while since our last Vibram Transition post. For the time being, we’ve been focusing on testing other minimalist shoe options (lots of exciting reviews coming soon!), but I wanted to come back to this series and talk about one of the less emphasized parts of barefoot/minimalist running: injury. “Injury” often feels like a dirty word in the barefoot/minimalist community. In this post-Born to Run world, many people are touting barefoot/minimalist running as the solution to running injuries associated with heel-striking/traditional footwear, and it’s not hard to find testimonials about how switching “cured” people of their knee pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, etc. Of course, there are also plenty of people who would argue that so many people switching to barefoot/minimalist, and doing “too much, too soon”, is going to result in an “epidemic” of foot/ankle/leg injuries in the coming years! While there is scientific evidence indicating that runners with a midfoot/forefoot strike may be injured less often, and plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting that switching to barefoot/minimalist might help runners overcome injuries and/or prevent new ones, it doesn’t mean that going barefoot/minimalist equals becoming injury-free. Continue reading »

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