Altra 2014 Line-up

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Oct 042013
Altra 1

About two years ago, this site was launched with little intention of having anyone outside of our family and close friends read it.  Little did we know that our little site would manage to pick up so much steam, giving us the ability to review products from so many different amazing companies.  Aside from our own growth, we’ve been able to watch several companies go from a garage to an office, and from bankrupt to highly profitable, plus we’ve seen restructures, re-namings, and complete re-brandings.  One of the first companies we had the pleasure to work with was Altra.  Altra went from small potatoes to one of the leaders in minimalist shoes, and, furthermore, they coined nearly every single phrase minimalist runners use today to describe their footwear (wide toe box, zero drop, foot-shaped design).  With that said, over the last year, Altra has received little love from us, and not for any real reason.  To be honest, we’ve been focused on so many new brands that we haven’t been able to go back and pay homage to one of the first companies to ever send us shoes to review, until now. Altra has continued to grow and improve their line, and are adding some amazing new or updated shoes this fall and coming spring.

So, without further ado I’d like to introduce the 2014 line-up from Altra Running. Continue reading »

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Jun 272012

Men’s and Women’s Altra Instinct/Intuition and Adam/Eve are currently on sale at LeftLane Sports! Prices are marked down up to 50%. I picked up a pair of the Intuitions for $50! If you get two pairs, thus spending over $75, you’ll get free shipping and any amount spent over $50 allows you to apply any credits you might have from referring friends.

Click through to see the available shoes and sale prices, as well as an invite link if you aren’t a member yet! Continue reading »

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May 182012
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If you’re like me (and most other people, I imagine), you’ve probably never given much thought to the method you use to tie your shoes. In all honesty, I think the last time I did anything special with my shoelaces is when those decorative, no-tie elastic spiral laces were popular (anyone else remember these?). That is, until about a week ago, when a comment on reddit directed me to Altra’s website and an alternate method they recommend for lacing your shoes. So, I did some digging. As it turns out, there is a whole world out there of alternate lacing methods, both for style and to improve the performance of your shoes, that I never knew about! Continue reading »

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Altra Adam & Eve Review

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May 072012
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Brand: Altra Zero Drop Footwear

Name: Adam & Eve

Color Options: Adam – Dark gray; Eve – White/light gray with white & gray straps

Weight: Adam – 4.7 oz.; Eve – 4.5 oz.

Drop: 0 mm from heel to toe (zero-drop is maintained with or without included footbeds)

Other: Gender-specific foot-shaped design; 3.4 mm razor-siped barefoot sole; Heel Claw + A Wrap + Secure Cinch strapping for fit; Can be worn with or without included footbeds (varying stack heights noted below – stack height without footbeds is 4.4 mm)

Price: $79.99

In the box: Minimalist running guide booklet; Support footbed (9.4 mm stack height); Strengthen footbed (7.4 mm stack height)

Continue reading »

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Altra Samson & Delilah Review

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Apr 162012

Brand: Altra

Name: Samson & Delilah

Color Options: Samson - Only available in Gray/Orange, Delilah – Available in Gray/Purple or Gray/Pink

Weight: 6.5oz each (13oz. pair) *varies per size

Drop: 0 mm heel to toe

Other: 3.4 mm Razor-Siped Performance Rubber BareSole

Price: $99.99 *Available at

In the box: Samson – Shoes with insoles, Delilah – Shoes with insoles & colored laces

Continue reading »

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Mar 122012
Minimalist Shoes

Over the last few weeks, we have encountered a few items that I thought were worth mentioning.  More specifically, shoes–some of which we have plans to review, others that we were only able to get a short period of time with, but would love to get our hands on for a more thorough review in the future.  I’m not sure if our obsession with shoes (see the picture of our still growing collection on the right for evidence) stems from a way to reduce stress (which is so eloquently presented, below, by the IT Crowd), or if it is just a need to please our followers with endless review material.  I’d like to believe it’s the latter option but, like technology, buying a new pair of shoes is both extremely exciting and enjoyable, so I too often find myself feeling excessive amounts of joy upon an impending shoe purchase. Enough about me, though, let’s talk shoes!

Continue reading »

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