Oct 022013
Marathon Thoughts: Thank You Rob Thomas!

As most long distance runners will tell you, running is just as much about mental toughness as it is about physical toughness. We’re now four days out from running our first marathon and, at this point, it feels like it’s all about the mental game. I’m confident in all of the training I’ve done, and my longest run of 21 miles (which took place a couple of weeks ago) felt pretty good. So, as we wrap up our tapering, my [...]

Color Me Pleasantly Surprised

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Sep 132013
Color Me Pleasantly Surprised

If you would have asked me just 2 years ago what the “fad” in foot races was going to be in 2013, I never would have guessed that Color/Zombie/Electric/Pumpkin/Santa Clause/Naked/Turkey/*fill in the blank* runs would be the answer.  That said, when Meagan and I first saw the “The Color Run 5k”, we went berserk.  The idea of running through paint sounded (and looked) like a ton of fun.  To top it off, the marketing is pure genius, just watch the [...]

Merrell Proterra Vim (Mid) Sport Review

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Sep 042013
Merrell Proterra Vim (Mid) Sport Review

Fieldwork and minimalist shoes are not two things I ever planned on combining. Hiking over rubbly lava flows, through dense brush and over downed trees, and on steep slopes, all while carrying a pack loaded up with 40 pounds of rocks, requires sturdy shoes, whether I like it or not. Features like a thicker, stiffer sole and a high-cut vamp (meaning that it extends up around your ankles) help provide stability and protection for your feet and ankles across a [...]

Soft Star Moc3 RunAmoc Review

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Aug 292013
Soft Star Moc3 RunAmoc Review

Sandals, socks, and toe shoes are just some of the types of footwear I never thought I would go running in prior to our introduction to minimalist shoes (not to mention going completely barefoot).  Just two years later and I’m going out for runs in all of the above, and now I can add 2 mm thick running moccasins (Soft Star Moc3s to be exact) to the list.  Soft Star may look familiar to those of you who are long [...]

Lems Primal 2 Review

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Jul 242013
Lems Primal 2 Review

Terminator 2, Aliens, X-Men 2, Evil Dead 2, and The Dark Knight. All films that are arguably better than their predecessors.  And yet, as most movie fans know, it is rare that the sequel lives up to (or exceeds) the hype of the original. Apparently this is not the case in the shoe world. This year has already seen the introduction of many solid (or improved) sequels from companies like Merrell (the Trail Glove 2/Road Glove 2) and Brooks (the Pure [...]

Jul 122013
Running Tall: Gear for Tall Women

Being a 6’1″ tall woman has its advantages. For example, I can reach pretty much every top shelf I encounter, I’ve been tall enough to ride every roller coaster at Cedar Point (bonus points if you know where that is!) since I was about 8 years old, and being long-limbed was definitely an advantage in the pool when I swam competitively. That said, tallness also has its disadvantages, and one of the more annoying ones is how difficult it can [...]


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Jul 082013

I’d like to begin this review similar to my last SKORA review and talk about the brand as a whole.  In that post, I referred to the many awards and praises that SKORA has received, including a reference to SKORA being “the Apple of running shoes”.  At first, I thought that analogy was made based on the quality of the design and materials used in SKORA FORM (their higher-end model), but now that I’ve tried one of the entry-level models [...]


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