Liz is a grad student who loves science, triathlons, dinosaurs, geomicrobiology and cake. She can frequently be found teaching spin classes or doing science outreach. Over the past five years, she has run almost a dozen half marathons (PR 1:54), and is now breaking into the triathlon scene with her University's Tri team.

Polar RCX5 Review

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Nov 282012

I use my Polar Heart Rate monitor more than any other piece of exercise equipment. Ever.

My obsession with this watch-turned-monitoring device started innocently enough two Christmases ago, when, after pouring over reviews online, I decided to order an FT4 (see Meagan’s review here) to help me better track my workouts. After one joyous run together, my watch and I were a unified team. No longer did I have to guess how hard I was working out, instead my heart rate served as a steady barometer of my efforts. I knew how many calories I was burning, how much to refuel, and when to dig deep and push myself harder.

This love affair between me and my watch was pretty spectacular. I took my FT4 everywhere, from long runs and triathlons to trips to different states and countries. I wore that watch every single day, and when I wasn’t working out, my exercise-conscience fashion statement told the world how awesome I was. In fact, my Mom had to remind me to take it off before I walked down the aisle to get married. Apparently it “clashed” with my vintage pearl bracelets.

It was only due to a life changing decision that I decided to upgrade to a more feature-laden Polar RCX5 a few months ago. I’ll skip ahead and ruin the ending of this fairy tale: I thought I loved my FT4, but now, after using my RCX5 for three months, I now know what true heart-rate-monitor love is. Continue reading »

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ON Cloudrunner Review

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Aug 132012
DSC_0013 8.46.38 PM

Brand: ON-Running

Name: Cloudrunner

Color Options: Men’s in Rock/Lemon (pictured right), Women’s in Plum/Fuschia

Weight: 290g

Drop: 7 mm heel to toe

Other: Utilizes patented CloudTec™ outsole

Price: $139

Continue reading »

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Run Fast to Get Faster

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Jul 102012

“I’m not a real runner, I’m way too slow.” Does that sound familiar?  For the first few months after I’d taken up running, I was convinced that my 2-3 mile jaunts at a ten to twelve minute a mile pace were way too snail-like to lump me in to the category of runners who were “real”.

As if, somehow, being able run seven or eight minute miles elevated runners to an elite echelon that I just wasn’t a party to, despite my blisters, sore muscles, and marathon aspirations. Continue reading »

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Apr 262012
In a spin class you get an instructor to help push you along

Group Cycling classes are awesome for beginners.

I know you’re thinking that’s crazy.  When you picture a group cycle, or spin class, you probably conjure up images of hardcore athletes drenched in sweat, feet flying on the petals, pushing themselves to utter exhaustion.  Yes, these classes can give you one of the most challenging workouts that you’ve ever had. However group cycling is ideal for beginners, because ultimately you decide how hard you’re going to work, and only you know how much you’re pushing yourself.

Group fitness classes in general allow a great way to try something new and venture outside your comfort zone, while making friends and commiserating about the workout.  Group classes have been popular since the era of Jazzercise, however, in big classes like aerobics and dancing, it can be easy to be self-conscious and wonder if you’re “doing it right” (Rest assured, no one else is paying attention to you, they’re all too focused on their own workout).  These doubts can plague even the fittest, albeit coordinationaly challenged, of us. Continue reading »

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