John is a retail management professional who loves history, philosophy, and pondering the deeper meaning of reality, and the universe around us. He is also believes that life should be enjoyed. John likes to read, and write in his spare time, and loves going on new adventures. He has been running for 3 years and has finished 9 half marathons, one full, as well as a few 5 and 10k’s.

Newton MV2 Review

 Posted by on January 2, 2013  3 Responses »
Jan 022013

Brand: Newton Running

Name: MV2

Color Options: Black/Green, White/Orange/Yellow

Weight: 5.8 oz

Drop: 0 mm

Other: High-traction 5-lug midfoot pattern, 2nd generation Action/Reaction technology, biomechanical metatarsal sensor plate, optional 3 mm lift included

Price: $125

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Nutrition Experiment: Wrap-up

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Nov 302012

An amazing thing happened today.  I came home from work, had a light snack, took my time getting ready, and went for a run.  And it felt great!  Okay, not profoundly great. I didn’t run super far, set a new PR, or got somehow transformed into a sleek thoroughbred. No, I was sweaty, tired, and my legs burned as I sprinted down the last block towards my house, but I couldn’t help but smile.

The source of my sweaty smile and sense of accomplishment? My newly completed nutrition experiment.  After analyzing what I ate, crunching the numbers, and making some simple fixes to my life, I can call this experiment a success. I’ve learned a great deal over the past few months, and I’m excited to share my new wisdom. Continue reading »

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Oct 172012

Protein week is at an end, so lets look at the numbers.  Surprisingly enough, more fat was consumed this week than during fat week (an increase of 33% was also seen compared to the control week).  One notable difference this week, however, is that the fat was mainly from mixed animal and plant-based sources. Overall, protein consumption increased 15% from the control week.

This discrepancy in fat intake comes from the fact that many foods that are high in protein are also high in fat.  My diet this week consisted of of eggs over easy with sliced ham for breakfast, breakfast bagels for lunch, and a meat with cheese and a few veggies for dinner. Snacks consisted of mainly yogurt. Continue reading »

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Nutrition Experiment Week 4: Protein

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Sep 172012

Week four is here and it’s time to delve into the fun and exciting world of protein!  So what the heck is protein, and what does it really do?  Personally, protein brings to mind images of body builders at the gym slamming weights, drinking Muscle Milk, and yelling as they do curls.  But it’s not just about building muscle.  Proteins are the Lego sets of the biology world, that your body can use to build almost anything it needs.

To start, proteins are made up of amino acids (Legos).  Our bodies break down the proteins we eat and use these amino acids to build other proteins our bodies need, just like when you use Legos from one set to build something totally different.  We use these proteins to do everything from build muscle, form DNA and RNA and boost our immune systems, to creating hormones and enzymes, and a host of other cool stuff. Continue reading »

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Sep 072012

My week of carboliciousness has given me a lot to think about.  Carbs have a reputation of being the Jeckle and Hyde of the nutrition world: you either love them as a super-fuel, or you shy away from them in fear.  So how do I feel after my dualistic encounter? Lets find out.

Following my stellar last week of upping healthy fats, I’m making an effort to  stick with the more natural, less processed foods.  Chips, cookies, cake, and other assorted processed treats are not totally off limits, but last week, it seemed to make a huge difference incorporating more “whole” options.  So, I followed suit this week, basing my meals on rice, quinoa, bagels, and pasta.  I also brought back cereal, and added whole grain waffles for breakfast. Continue reading »

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Nutrition Experiment Week 3 Carbs

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Aug 272012

It is week three, already, and that means it’s time for Carb Week!

Second only to Shark Week, this is the week that I was looking forward too.  First, I love carbs.  Bread, in my mind, is probably one of the greatest inventions in human history right after beer (which, incidentally, is also a carb and therefore fair game this week).  Secondly, carbs have forever been labeled the quintessential athletic super fuel.  I mean, I can’t count how many pre-race pasta feeds I’ve seen in my life.

But are carbohydrates really the greatest fuel for our bodies?  From a biological standpoint, yes.  Fat and protein primarily serve other purposes in the body and take many more steps to break down then carbohydrates. Continue reading »

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Aug 202012

Week 2 is over and so far the results are promising, and intriguing.   The past week has resulted in a lot of data, and it’s kind of cool in that narcissistic sort of way to make graphs and analyze information you collected about yourself.  But after this second week, I feel strangely proud knowing that I have the power to make small changes, and see tangible shifts in how I feel, and how well I run. Continue reading »

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