The Running Boom!

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Out on my long run on a beautiful Sunday morning, I was shocked by how many other runners were sharing my run with me. This awesome infographic explains it all. Enjoy! Technorati Tags: running, running boom, running infographic

AshleyThe Running Boom!

Happiness and Heartbreak at the Houston Regional Corporate Track Meet

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Houston Meet

Funding?  Check.  Waiver forms? Check.  Singlets? Check.  Tents and chairs?  Check.  Food and Gatorade?  You bet.  But did we have a team?  I was able to account for the 20 or so folks who had been coming to practice 3 times a week for the past 2 months, but we would need double that number to fill our roster for … Read More

AshleyHappiness and Heartbreak at the Houston Regional Corporate Track Meet

The Challenges of Coaching

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Our home! Lamar Track in Houston.

It’s been a month now since I started coaching my corporate track team.  Practices are held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, with about 20 runners coming to practice.  I have been faced with several unforeseen challenges and with leading a group of runners with a huge variety in athletic backgrounds. Needless to say things have been…interesting. “Ashley…This is so hard…” … Read More

AshleyThe Challenges of Coaching

And So It Begins…

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Well, I never thought I would coach a track team.  Never in a thousand years.  Yet, here I am, up super late trying to put together a workout schedule for the month of April, trying to order spikes and singlets, and thinking what in the world am I doing?! Every year, Schlumberger competes against the top oil companies in Houston … Read More

AshleyAnd So It Begins…

The Hoka Stinson Evo: A Trail Runner that Lives Up to Its Name

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 When I discovered I would be testing a pair of Hokas, I first wanted to figure out what “Hoka” actually meant.  This is what I found: “hoka” (in Japanese) = the other “hoka” (in Hawaiian) = baffling “hoka” (in Swahili) = mania “hoka” (in Maori) = to fly (the actual meaning behind the shoes) You could say I was ready … Read More

AshleyThe Hoka Stinson Evo: A Trail Runner that Lives Up to Its Name

Light up the Night – Gear to illuminate your runs

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Be visible at night

As the days get shorter and shorter it becomes inevitable that some runs will be started or completed in the dark.  At night, or in early morning hours, running on sidewalks or on the street can become a major safety hazard.  For many years, runners who wanted to be safe in the dark had to wear yellow or orange reflective … Read More

AshleyLight up the Night – Gear to illuminate your runs

Escaping Disappointment: Avoiding a “Bad Race”

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Sad Runner

Having run quite a large number of races at this point, I knew it was only a matter of time before one of them was going to be pretty awful. The last race I ran gave me a PR, but the instant I finished I felt as if it was a waste of time and I was ready to go … Read More

AshleyEscaping Disappointment: Avoiding a “Bad Race”