Must-See: Principles of Natural Running

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Hey readers! The following video has been floating around the minimalist/barefoot community for the past couple of days and, whether you are new to barefoot/minimalist running or have been at it for a while, it is definitely a must-see. The video, made by Dr. Mark Cucuzella and the folks over at the Natural Running Center, is a great technical overview of proper barefoot form. It also includes tips for fixing common mistakes you may be making and some great ideas for drills to improve your form. I am always incredibly impressed by how effortless and smooth barefoot runners look when they are implementing proper form (also, Dr. Mark’s legs are crazy muscular!), and this video clearly pointed out a few areas that I need to work on so I can be more efficient! Proper form is essential to barefoot/minimalist running, and even though I’ve been a minimalist runner for over 9 months, I still have work to do. Enjoy!

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